I didn't want to repeat anything that Daniel or Lauren wrote so this time, I only wrote about my research here.

My project here at IMEC is a collaboration combining the research that I have done at the Gerecht Lab (http://www.jhu.edu/chembe/gerecht/) at Hopkins with some of the research done here. The Gerecht lab has previously examined the effect of micropatterned fibronectin on 2D glass substrates on endothelial tube formation. Research at IMEC has used stiff silicon processed nail beds and examined their effect on both mature and endothelial cell culture. This summer, I hope to continue and combine the research done by both institutions by fabricating soft 3D substrates from PDMS and examining their effect on endothelial tube formation.

Last week, I began to optimize PDMS conditions in order to best create the soft substrates, as well as familiarizing myself with IMEC's facilities and protocols. This week, I hope to perform some of the controls for the project.

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